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Frame System – Old

Patent-pending sliding tile frame system that utilizes interchangeable graphics and font tiles to create a prearranged or custom sign.

This product allows the cutomer to easily modify the existing theme of the sign by replacing tiles. For example, a sign with a Halloween theme can easily be changed to a Thanksgiving theme. Our patent pending sliding tile frame system provides the cutomer the ability to create many different themes. The options are only limited to your imagination.

  • Select Sliding Tile Frame Configuration (1HR, 2HR, 3HR, Etc.)
  • Select Sliding Tile Frame Width
  • Select Sliding Tile Frame Size Starting at the Top (Example: 1204)
  • Select Sliding Tile Frame Finish (Black Anodized, Clear Anodized & Brushed)
  • Select Front Sliding Tiles (Material: SS, Alum, Plastic) (SS & Alum: Finish) (Plastic: Color)
  • Select Rear Sliding Tiles (Material: SS, Alum, Plastic) (SS & Alum: Finish) (Plastic: Color)
  • Select Mounting (All have screw slots in sign, optional mounting hardware)

Materials and Finishes:

Sliding Tile Frame (1-1/8” Tall x 9/16” Thick)

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

  • Black Anodized
  • Clear Anodized
  • Brush Finish

Tiles – (All tile materials and finishes can be used as either front or background options)

Material: 304 Stainless Steel (1/8” Thick)

  • Brush Finish

Material: Aluminum (1/8” Thick)

  • Brush Finish

Material: Plexiglass Acrylic (1/8” Thick)

  • Black 2025
  • Blue 2114
  • Blue 2308
  • Blue 2648
  • Brown 2418
  • Green 2108
  • Orange 2119
  • Pink 3190
  • Purple 2287
  • Red 2283
  • White 7508
  • Yellow 2037

Custom Sign/Cutout Minimum and Maximum Sizes:

The minimum custom sign width/height is 4” and the maximum width/height is 48”. Custom sign widths/heights can be incremented in 1” values independently to achieve the desired size.

Stock tile sizes are as follows:
(Height x Width)

  • 4” x 4”
  • 4” x As Required
  • 8” x 8”
  • 8” x As Required
  • 12” x 12”
  • 12” x As Required

Sliding Tile Frame Size and Configurations:

The framing system is available in many different configurations. The maximum size of a frame system is 96” wide x 60” tall for local deliveries and 48” wide x 48” tall for shipped product. Below are a few samples of the configurations.

The number of rows and the distance between rows can be determined by the customer. The distance between rows is based on the tile height for each row. The frame width may be incrementally increased based upon the smallest tile size selected.


HR Configuration with Top Row for a 12” Tile Height and the Bottom Row for a 4” Tile Height.

The minimum width would be 4” (to accommodate a 4” x 4” tile) and the maximum would be any increment of 4” (4”, 8”, 12”, 16”, etc.) up to a maximum of 96”. The height would be as required to accommodate the 12” and 4” tile sizes.