Pool Towels with Hook Attachment 8″ x 16″ Single Row Slide-A-Sign


(1) 8″ x 16″ Silver Slide-A-Sign Frame w/ Lumi-Box (Backlight)

(1) 8″ x 16″ Metal graphic Tile w/”Pool Towels” Text (As shown in picture)

(1) 8″ x 16″ Blue Color Burst Tile

(1) Detachable 16″ Hook Rack

Our one-of-a-kind, DIY (Design It Yourself) patented Slide-A-Sign system provides customers the ability to create a variety of themes by utilizing interchangeable metal graphics, fonts, and acrylic color burst tiles to create a custom lit sign. The Slide-A-Sign is a no hassle, custom themed sign that can easily transform into a completely new theme at anytime without removing the sign from its original mounted position.   NOTE: Stainless Steel – is a stronger, durable material suitable for outdoor use. Aluminum – is a lighter weight material suitable for indoors, not recommended for outdoor use due to weathering.