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Frame System

Our Patent-Pending Frame System is the perfect dynamic addition to your home or office.

Our Frames Are Built To Last A Lifetime

Our frame systems are hand assembled and inspected to guarantee that each frame system meets our high quality standards. Each frame receives an extra protective layer through an anodized process which helps protect your frame from elements such as corrosion and ensures you will enjoy your frame system for years to come. Frame systems are designed with either single or multiple Horizontal Rows. Each row has a grooved track system which allows for easy loading and unloading of our aluminum graphic and colored acrylic tiles. The front groove is where the graphic tiles slide in, while the acrylic tiles slide in the rear groove providing a single or multiple background color.

Stunning Graphic Tiles & Vibrant Acrylic Tiles Bring Life To Your Frame System

Our graphic tiles are constructed from 0.12” thick high quality aluminum making them light weight and durable. These tiles are designed for use in our patent pending frame system and come in a variety of sizes. Be Sure to check out our extensive library of graphic tiles. These tiles can be easily added or removed from our frame system.
These tiles are constructed from 0.12” thick acrylic. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes. These tiles are designed for use in our patent pending frame system. When combined with our aluminum graphic tiles and frame system, the design possibilities are endless.

Rotational Spring Locks Allow You To Seamlessly Change Out Tiles

Once you’ve located the rotational end cap, pull the spring loaded end cap out approximately 1/8” and rotate 90 degrees. This exposes the grooves and allows easy removal of the tiles. This will allow the track/grooves of the frame to be exposed. Once exposed, your tiles can be easily removed and added. Slide out the desired tiles and replace. When done, pull out the end cap and rotate back into the original locked position.

Attachments Add Functionality

Attachments add an element of functionality to your Frame System that allows for use in just about every room in your home or office! They come in various sizes and are made from durable aluminum. Hang your coats, hats, belts, kitchen utensils, hand towels, ect! The possibilities are endless!

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The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

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