Little Conductor with Hook Rack 4″ x 24″ / 4″ x 24″ Double Row Slide-A-Sign


This Themed Package Includes:

1 – Double Horizontal Row Silver Anodized Slide-A-Sign (includes hook attachment)

1 – (Optional) Lumi-Box Kit (Backlight)

1 – 4″x24″ Brush Finished Aluminum “Little Conductor’s Room” Tile

1 – 4″x24″ Light Blue Acrylic Tile

6 – 4″x4″ Brush Finished Aluminum “Train Car” Tiles (as shown)

6 – 4″x4″ Assorted Acrylic Tiles (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple)

This fun train themed package perfect for holding, bags, jackets, hats, toys and more. This Slide-A-Sign system comes prepackaged with 7 brush finished aluminum graphic tiles and 7 acrylic Color-Burst tiles. The frame is constructed from clear anodized aluminum. There are 2 rotational locks that prevent any tiles from sliding out but allows for quick and easy swapping of tiles when needed.